Talking point


18 September 2014

Are Housing Associations Pulling Their Weight?

Tony Hutchinson asks if housing associations are delivering new homes and implementing energy efficiency?

11 August 2014

Building New Towns

Tony Hutchinson on what we can take from the past and what we need to do differently...

4 August 2014

Public Inquiries In The Digital Age

Lessons learned from infrastructure planning in the digital age.

28 July 2014

Health and Safety - Drop the Toxic Brand?

Martin Barnard looks at whether the ‘Health and Safety’ brand needs a complete rethink...

21 July 2014

Right? Wrong!

Care closer to home, the digital age and affordability will drive major changes in healthcare facilities

7 July 2014

Raising the Standard

A new industry standard – BS 11000 – has loomed into view and it is one that could lead to genuine change.

23 June 2014

Retrofitting London

Richard McCarthy will be speaking at the BASE London event on Thursday 26th June at the Guildhall in London.

11 June 2014

Rise of the North

Tony Hutchinson on a new city for the north...

3 June 2014

NHS Asset Disposals - A Fine Balancing Act

The launch of NHS Property Services resulted in the formation of one of Europe’s biggest property companies...

14 May 2014

Democracy is Key

Tony Hutchinson on the vital role of democracy in the development process...