Talking point


16 February 2015

Size isn’t everything; resilience is the future

Capita's Andy Foster on the question of regulatory services resourcing

16 February 2015

Changing Rooms

Dr Matthew Williams-Gray on the NHS property challenge...

15 January 2015

Let there be light

Matt Rhodes looks at the Law Commission's recent findings on current right to light laws

9 January 2015

Launching 'Nudge'...

Anna O'Halloran and Steven Johnson discuss our pioneering initiative to reduce rent arrears in social housing

7 January 2015

The extra bit of care...

Our country is getting older, observes Richard McCarthy...

19 December 2014

What Santa is bringing us for 2015

Phil Cusack looks at the year ahead...

2 December 2014

The HS2 Vision

Phil Downes discusses the role of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the development of HS2...

1 December 2014

Fire safety - a third of businesses are non-compliant

More than a third of non-residential premises audited were not fully compliant with the Fire Safety Order.

27 October 2014

NHF Report

Are housing associations pulling their weight on delivering new homes and implementing energy efficiency?

21 October 2014

Regulation or deregulation?

Martin Barnard reviews the 23rd Capita Health and Safety Lecture by Prof Ragnar Löfstedt